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Meaningless Dance 15


– Many light works
– Do the obvious thing
– Get distracted
– Talk to everyone
– What are we already doing?
– Let’s just try it
– The jug is already doing its thing
– How can it be less?
– They already did something like that
– What if that’s enough?

Tate n Lyle is the collaboration of Rohanne Udall (b. 1990) and Paul Hughes (b. 1991). Trained in fine art, philosophy, and dance, they undertake artistic, performance and curatorial projects. Their work is produced within and presented across stages, galleries, studios, universities and digital spaces. They are currently preoccupied with: emotion, gesture, hosting, idiocy, in/sincerity, institutions, logics, materiality, peers, undercutting and smirking.

This is us performing No Matter at Five Years in London in May 2017, to an enraptured audience:

Photo by Edward Dorrian