This weekend: Radio Play
Sunday 23rd Sep, 7pm – late(ish)

Radio Play is an informal, infrequent and idiotic radio station: a platform to host artworks and thinking by artists we admire.

This edition includes work from contemporary artists working across visual art, choreography and music. Featuring work by Anastasia Shin, Lilach Livne, Craig Pollard, Eunji Sung and Nastya Dzyuban.

Listen Live

Clicking ‘Listen Live‘ on a computer will download a file which can be opened in a media player (such as iTunes or VLC player), on phones this link should take you to a streaming page automatically. Any issues, please get in touch with rohanne@tatenlyle.com.

*September 18*
Plus One Dance4, Nottingham. 1st & 2nd Sep.
Radio Play #4 – Online radio broadcast. 23rd Sep, 7pm-late(ish). Including work by EunJi Sung, Craig Pollard, Lilach Livne, Anastasia Shin, and Nastya Dzyuban.

*October 18*
Here’s toDavid Roberts Art Foundation at KOKO, London. 2nd Oct. With performers: Angela Andrews, Wendy Houston, Monsur Mansoor, Bruno Roubicek, Esmond Sage, Tamara Tomic-Vajagec. Other artists presenting work that evening: Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press, Martin Creed, Charismatic Megafauna, Das Hund, Bob Kil, Stacy Makishi, Grace Schwindt, Alma Söderberg. More info and booking here.
Better Out Than In Solo exhibition at ICW, Blackpool. Opening 25th October.

*November 18*
Meaningless Dance 13 (Empty Gestures)Tender Loin #14, Toynbee Studios, London. 14th Nov, 7.30pm. Tickets available here.
Radio Play #5 – Online Broadcast. 25th Nov. More info soon.

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