*January 19*
The title is the date, with Sam Pardes – weekly desktop backgrounds throughout 2019. Sign up to recieve here, or see them on instagram here.
Empty Gestures
Salon Rose, Edinburgh. 22nd Jan.

*February 19*
A Pig’s Ear, with Fionn Duffy – Backlit Gallery, Nottingham. 7th Feb, 6-8pm
Talking Heads & Filibuster, with Fionn Duffy – Group show @ Perfect Furniture, Nottingham, 8th-13th Feb. 116 Upper Parliament St, Nottingham NG1 6LF.

*March 19*
Radio Play #6 – Online radio broadcast. 3rd Mar, 7-10pm. Line up TBA
Furl – Making an EXIT, Chisenhale Dance Space, London. 29th-30th Mar.

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