They divided the world. They have never stopped dividing the world – the seperations are still coming. Here comes ‘this’ and ‘that’. And here comes ‘this’ and ‘that’ as the operation of division. And here comes a seperation that excludes and, perhaps, abandons – They call it knowledge.

Yve Lomax, Figure, calling

“This stripped-down, performance style […] is direct and engaging, bringing to mind the playful work of one of my performance heroes Gary Stevens
James Yarker, Stan’s Cafe Theatre


Improvised performance for exhibition spaces. First presented at Rich Mix, London, May 2018. Developed with support of Dance4 and DanceXchange. Presented as a work-in-progress at Work Processing (Chisenhale Dance Space, London, December 2017), TaPRA PG Symposium (Central Bankside, London, February 2018) and DanceXchange (Birmingham, April 2018).