Radio Play

DSCF1565.JPGPop-up radio station. First developed at Summer Lodge 2017, Nottingham Trent University. Running throughout 2018-19 as an independent online broadcast.

November 2018

With: Fruitbat Nonfrog (Francine and Richard Affourtit), Timothea Armour, Jane Francis Dunlop, Bahar Fattahi, Ash Kilmartin, Alisa Oleva and Rebecca Wigmore.

Recording coming soon…

September 2018

With: EunJi Sung, Craig Pollard, Lilach Livne, Anastasia Shin, and Nastya Dzyuban.

July 2018

Curated and hosted with Fionn Duffy, broadcast from Siobhan Davies Studios.

With: Kelly Lloyd and Erika Råberg, Benny Nemerofky Ramsay, Katie Shlon, Ashley Bedet with pupils from Western Canada High School, Sulaiman Majali, The Silver Field, Tom Parker and Esmond Sage.

April 2018

With: Whipshift (aka Fiona Anderson), Laura Burns, Andy Edwards, Sami Itavuori and Nora Scherer.

February 2018

With: Fionn Duffy, Murad Khan, Hamish MacPherson, Sam Pardes and Ed Sanders.

July 2017

Contributions from Bettina Fung, Gerry Williams, Collette Rayner and Sophie Huckfield




Big thanks to Elle Reynolds for the video footage!