A clown collective operating 2012-13, with Rosie Al-Mulla, Will Naameh, Jonathan Blaydon, Rohanne Udall, Paul Hughes, Julia Brown, Rachel Bussom, Alex Fernandes and Rosie Curtis.

A Labour of Love and Shame

Performance. Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh. September 2012.

A clown show of missed connections, gentle stalking and passive-aggressive love notes.

Performers: Rosie Al-Mulla, Will Naameh, Jonathan Blaydon, Rohanne Udall
Director: Paul Hughes
Sound and lighting design: Julia Brown and Rachel Bussom


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Shorts and Bloomers Opening Ceremony

Performance. Shorts and Bloomers I, Teviot Row House, Edinburgh. November 2012.

A functional introduction to the variety night ‘Shorts and Bloomers’, with additional powerpoint slides.

Performers: Rosie Al-Mulla, Will Naameh, Paul Hughes, Rohanne Udall.


An Apology

Performance. Shorts and Bloomers II, Teviot Row House, Edinburgh. January 2013.

We didn’t have time to prepare anything, we’re very sorry. We would have shown something really good, but we couldn’t get it to work.

Performers: Rosie Al-Mulla, Paul Hughes, Alex Fernandes and Rohanne Udall